Travel Light – Letting Go Of Stuff

Connecting People to Jesus – Send

Connecting People With Jesus – Train

Connecting People With Jesus – Grow

Connecting People With Jesus – Invite

Connecting People With Jesus

Hosea – God Has A Purpose for the Family of God

Hosea – Gods Radical Love Displayed

Haitian Proverbs with the Churchills

The Supernatural God in a Natural World

The Benevolent God in an Evil World

The God I Don’t Understand

The Call to Community

Walking on the Water


Woman at the Well

Red Sea

Deeper in the Water

Baptism at the River

Water to Wine

Free at Last

The Spirit Filled Church

Walking in the Spirit

Surprised by the Holy Spirit

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Relationally Healthy Church

Offering Generous Grace in Strained Relationships


Seeking God in Marriage and Friendships

Missions Sunday

Truth vs Lies – Week 4

Truth vs Lies – Week 3

Truth vs Lies – Week 2

Truth vs Lies – Week 1

I Love My Community

I Love My Church

Consecration Sunday – From Generation to Generation

Giving to Glorify God

Mental Health & The Church – When Suicide Hits Home

Mental Health & The Church – Depression

Mental Health & The Church – Stress and Anxiety

Mental Health & The Church – Fears and Phobias

Bold Expedition – Make Evangelism Great Again

Bold Expedition – Faith

Bold Expedition – Evangelism

Bold Expedition

This is Our Story

This is My Story – Joy

This is My Story – Love

This is My Story – Peace

This is My Story – Hope

More of God – Holy God, Holy Life