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Connecting with others on the journey of faith.

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Why Groups?

  • Personal Discovery

    Personal discovery happens in smaller group environments. That’s what Groups at Hillside is all about! In a Group you have the opportunity to ask questions, get to know others and get to share who you are!

  • Deeper Friendships

    Deeper friendships happen in smaller group environments. When you join a Group at Hillside you get to know other people. Share life (the good and the bad) with friends!

  • Spiritual Growth

    Spiritual growth happens in smaller group environments. We grow together as we read God’s word and study together. In Groups at Hillside we learn to apply God’s principles to life which brings spiritual growth.

  • Community

    Community is important to us at Hillside.  It is a big part of our focus and is nurtured through Groups. We encourage all Hillsiders to take advantage of Groups and all the good that they can bring to us as we learn together!



Have questions about life and faith? This is the place to start.

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Next Step

Build on the foundations you learned about your faith in Alpha.

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Go deeper in learning from the message from Sunday morning service.

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Special Interest

Have areas of your life where you are desiring to grow and connect?

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An opportunity to ask and explore life's biggest questions.

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