Seeking God in Marriage and Friendships

Missions Sunday

Truth vs Lies – Week 4

Truth vs Lies – Week 3

Truth vs Lies – Week 2

Truth vs Lies – Week 1

I Love My Community

I Love My Church

Consecration Sunday – From Generation to Generation

Giving to Glorify God

Mental Health & The Church – When Suicide Hits Home

Mental Health & The Church – Depression

Mental Health & The Church – Stress and Anxiety

Mental Health & The Church – Fears and Phobias

Bold Expedition – Make Evangelism Great Again

Bold Expedition – Faith

Bold Expedition – Evangelism

Bold Expedition

This is Our Story

This is My Story – Joy

This is My Story – Love

This is My Story – Peace

This is My Story – Hope

More of God – Holy God, Holy Life

More of God – Jesus, King Of My Heart

More of God – Jesus My Everything

Activating a Jesus Movement – Celebration Sunday

Activating a Jesus Movement: Kingdom Building

Activating a Jesus Movement – Gift Activating with A.P.E.S.T. Culture

Activating a Jesus Movement – Permission Giving

Activating a Jesus Movement – Multiplication Thinking

God’s Mission Has A Church

United in Christ

One in Christ

Hockey Clinic Weekend

Summer Playlist – week 7

Summer Playlist – week 6

Summer Playlist – Week 5

Summer Playlist – week 4

Summer Playlist – week 3

Summer Playlist – week 2

Summer Playlist – week 1


Interview with Beth Churchill – Missionary to Haiti

Healing Service

The Power of Forgiveness – Part 3

The Power of Forgiveness – Part 2

The Power of Forgiveness – Part 1



Generously Pray, Give and Go